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How deep does the rabbit hole go?

The Road Rat
28 July 1980
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The who and what: I am me and you are you. Sure that's vague, but then again to know me is worry about me and to not is to run screaming into oblivion. So either way you get to worry about something on the way out. Isn't that a bit more comforting? I think so...

You're probably wondering what Situation 52 actually is. Well let's just say it's better than Situation #15 or even #67. What are those? You really don't want to know. #52 is a good number and a good situation. That's all one really has to know in your position. So just take my word on that one. Then again it could be all lies to confuse you...

Other than that there's not much else to say. I'm in an excellent relationship with someone who I think is very much so the other half of myself. So if you're curious...I'm not single, in an open relationship or looking for anyone and don't plan to be for quite some time. Be kind to yourself and just don't ask or else she'll have to hurt you and that's just not something you want. So if you see this person running at you with a demented grin on her face. I'd do the same, but you'd probably just die tired ;)

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